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Albany Psychologist Surrenders License, Resolving Sexual Misconduct Case

December 6, 2004

SACRAMENTO - In a settlement with the California Board of Psychology, Albany psychologist Jeffrey Arthur LeRoux, Ph.D., has surrendered his license to practice psychology. He faced charges that included gross negligence and sexual misconduct with a patient, violations of the California Business and Professions Code.

The stipulated agreement became effective Dec. 4 and bars LeRoux from practicing psychology in the state. He had been prohibited from practicing since March 25, when a judge immediately suspended his license on an interim basis, determining that the evidence in the case indicated the psychologist's continued practice could be a threat to public safety.

According to the Board's formal Accusation, LeRoux allegedly made sexual advances and engaged in sexual activity with a patient during several therapy sessions and at the patient's home in 2002. LeRoux was also accused of improper distribution of prescription drugs and failure to maintain records of therapy sessions with the patient, who reported the alleged misconduct in early 2003. LeRoux's California psychology license was first issued in 1995.

By agreeing to the stipulated settlement of the case, LeRoux waived his right to a formal hearing at which he could have presented a defense against the charges. He also admitted the board could have moved forward with sufficient evidence to warrant taking disciplinary action.

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