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Judge Suspends License of Albany Psychologist at Request of California Board of Psychology

April 8, 2004

OAKLAND - A California Administrative Law Judge has suspended the professional license of Albany psychologist Jeffrey Arthur LeRoux, Ph.D., who faces charges of gross negligence and sexual misconduct with a patient.

The judge issued an order on March 25 suspending LeRoux's license on an interim basis. The California Board of Psychology requested the license suspension in a petition filed by the California Attorney General's Office.

The judge determined there is a reasonable probability that the psychologist engaged in gross negligence and sexual misconduct with a patient, and that allowing him to continue practicing poses a threat to public safety and welfare.

The suspension goes into effect as the Board seeks to permanently revoke LeRoux's professional license through a formal Accusation of gross negligence and sexual misconduct. The Accusation was filed on March 30.

According to the Board's Accusation, LeRoux allegedly made sexual advances and engaged in sexual activity with a patient during several therapy sessions and at the patient's home in 2002. LeRoux is also accused of improper distribution of prescription drugs and failure to maintain records of therapy sessions with the patient, who reported the alleged misconduct in early 2003.

LeRoux's California psychology license was first issued in 1995.

The psychologist can request a hearing to contest the interim license suspension and to defend himself against the charges alleged in the Accusation.

California law prohibits sexual contact between a psychologist and a patient. Consumers can learn more about their rights and the laws governing psychological services by visiting the Board's Web site at www.psychboard.ca.gov. The publications"For Your Peace of Mind: A Consumer's Guide to Psychological Services" and "Professional Therapy Never Includes Sex" address the issue of sexual misconduct.

Consumers can check the status of a psychologist's license or file a complaint at the Web site or by calling the Board of Psychology toll-free at 1-866-503-3221.

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