Welcome to the Board of Psychology

Filing a Complaint with the Board of Psychology

This document:
  • explains how to file a complaint against a psychologist, psychological assistant, or registered psychologist,
  • describes the review and investigation process, and
  • lists the types of actions the Board may take in response to a complaint.
Who May File a Complaint?
What Types of Complaints Does the Board Handle?
  • sexual contact with a patient
  • violating the patient's confidentiality
  • providing services for which the individual has not been trained or licensed
  • drug abuse
  • fraud or other crimes
  • false advertising
  • paying or accepting payment for patient referral
  • unprofessional, unethical, or negligent acts
  • focusing therapy on the licensee's/registrant's own problems, rather than the patient's
  • serving in multiple roles, i.e., having social relationships with patients, lending them money, employing them, etc.
What Types of Complaints Are Outside the Board's Jurisdiction?
How Do I File a Complaint?
  • Your complaint may be filed electronically.
    Click here for the California Board of Psychology's On-line Consumer Complaint Form
  • You may wish to download a complaint form for submission by mail.
    To obtain this form,
    • Download the Consumer Complaint Form and print it.
    • Complete, sign and mail the form to:
      Board Of Psychology
      1625 North Market Street, Suite N-215, Sacramento, CA 95834
      Sacramento CA 95834
How Will My Complaint Be Processed?
Minor Violations
Serious Violations
Referral to Attorney General
Stipulated Agreements
Administrative Hearings
Should I Report Unlicensed Practice to the Board?
Are Psychologists Required to Report Unprofessional Conduct by Colleagues?