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School Psychologists Accruing Hours Toward Supervised Professional Experience

In May 2007, the Board of Psychology's (Board) regulations defining the requirements for Supervised Professional Experience (SPE) (Section 1387(b)(9) of Title 16 of the California Code of Regulations) were amended to delete the reference to functioning under another "credential," as this reference disallowed supervised professional experience hours accrued at a public school by a person working as a credentialed school psychologist.

However, it has come to the Board's attention that there has been some misunderstanding regarding school psychologists counting all hours of work toward SPE. This notice is to clarify that although the Board allows school psychologists to accrue SPE while working under their credential in public school settings, they are still required to follow all requirements set forth in Section 1387 of the Board's regulations defining SPE. This includes, but is not limited to:

  1. The Board will accept SPE that includes socialization into the profession of psychology and that is augmented by integrated modalities including mentoring, didactic exposure, role-modeling, enactment, observational/ vicarious learning, and consultative guidance. SPE shall include activities that address the integration of psychological concepts and current and evolving scientific knowledge, principles, and theories to the professional delivery of psychological services to the consumer public. SPE shall include only the time spent by the trainee engaged in psychological activities that directly serve to prepare the trainee for the independent practice of psychology once licensed. SPE shall not include custodial tasks such as filing, transcribing or other clerical duties.
  2. Primary supervisors shall meet the requirements set forth in section 1387.1. of the Board's regulations.
  3. Delegated supervisors shall meet the requirements set forth in section 1387.2. of the Board's regulations.
  4. Trainees shall be provided with supervision for 10% of the total time worked each week. At least one hour per week shall be face-to-face, direct, individual supervision with the primary supervisor.
  5. A maximum of forty four (44) hours per week will be credited toward meeting the SPE requirement. This shall include the required 10% supervision.
  6. The primary supervisor shall be employed by the same work setting as the trainee and be available to the trainee 100% of the time the trainee is accruing SPE. This availability may be in-person, by telephone, by pager or by other appropriate technology.
  7. Primary supervisors shall ensure that a plan is in place to protect the patient/client in the event a patient/client crisis or emergency occurs during any time the supervisor is not physically present at the established site at which the trainee is working. The primary supervisor shall ensure that the trainee thoroughly understands the plan in the event of a crisis/emergency.
  8. SPE shall not be obtained from supervisors who have received payment, monetary or otherwise, from the trainee for the purpose of providing such supervision.
  9. SPE gained while the trainee is functioning under another mental health license shall not be credited toward meeting the requirements for the psychologist's license.
  10. Prior to the start of the experience, the primary supervisor and the trainee shall together prepare a document which identifies at least the following:
  • Name and signature of primary supervisor;
  • Name and signature of trainee;
  • Statutory authority under which the trainee will function;
  • Start date of the experience and the anticipated completion date;
  • Duties to be performed;
  • Address of the locations at which the duties will be performed; and,
  • Goals and objectives of the plan for SPE.
  • Additionally, the document shall reflect that both supervisor and trainee have discussed and understand each term of SPE as required by the Board's regulations. The primary supervisor shall maintain the document until the hours of supervised experience are completed. Once the supervised experience outlined in the document has been completed, the primary supervisor shall submit directly to the board both the document and a verification of the experience signed by the primary supervisor under penalty of perjury. The verification shall certify to completion of the hours consistent with the terms of the supervision agreement document. The supervisor must indicate, in his/her best professional judgment, whether the trainee demonstrated an overall performance at or above the level of minimal competence expected for the trainee's level of education, training and experience. When SPE is accrued in a formal predoctoral internship or postdoctoral training program, the program's training director shall be authorized to perform the verification and rating duties of the primary supervisor provided that the internship training director is a licensed psychologist who possesses a valid, active license free of any disciplinary action.

For the complete language of Section 1387 please access the Board's web site: http://www.psychboard.ca.gov/lawsregs/index.shtml