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Board Member Information

Business and Professions Code sections 2920 through 2923 state that the board shall consist of nine members, four of whom shall be public members and five shall be licensed members. Each member of the board holds office for a term of four years. They serve until the appointment and qualification of a successor or until one year has elapsed since the expiration of the term for which he or she was appointed, whichever occurs first. No member may serve more than two consecutive terms.

The Governor appoints two public members and the five licensed members. The Senate Rules Committee and the Speaker of the Assembly each appoint a public member.

The Governor is required to use his judgment in appointing the licensed members to select psychologists who represent, as widely as possible, the varied professional interests of psychologists in California.

Each member must be a resident of California. The public members must not be licentiates of the board or of any board under Division 2 of the Business and Professions Code or of any board referred to in the Chiropractic Act or the Osteopathic Act.

Currently, the members of the Board of Psychology are as follows:

Name Appointment Type Appointment Date Reappointment Date Expiration Date
Michael Erickson, Ph.D. (President) Licensed Member 08/06/10   06/01/14
Miguel Gallardo, Psy.D. (Vice-President) Licensed Member 08/06/10 12/17/12 06/01/16
Lucille Acquaye-Baddoo Public Member 02/12/09 06/01/11 06/01/14
Johanna Arias-Bhatia Public Member 08/10/12   06/01/16
Andrew Harlem, Ph.D. Licensed Member 08/10/12   06/01/15
Nicole J. Jones Public Member 08/10/12   06/01/14
Linda L. Starr Public Member 01/09/13   06/01/15
Stephen Phillips, J.D., Psy.D. Licensed Member 09/25/13   06/01/16
Jacqueline Horn, Ph.D. Licensed Member 10/23/13   06/01/15

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